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Pressure Washing and Window cleaning, cost-effective ways to boosting curb appeal. If you are thinking about selling your home, “clean house” first.

Selling your property? Clean your windows and pressure wash. Why? First impressions count and while you might think that the exterior of the property is clean, it very well might not be. Over time, homeowners become accustomed to how things look. Prospective buyers do not wear that particular brand of “rose colored glasses” and the “little” things that homeowners overlook will jump out to a buyer.
Hi. This is Shaun from Power Clean of Central Florida and today I want to cover a topic that a realtor friend of mine and I were discussing. The most cost-effective way to boost curb appeal. 


Getting a prospective buyer to the property is step 1. Step 2 is getting them excited when they drive up and then into the door. If your property doesn't "pop", they may not even get out their car and if they do their initial interest in your property might take a hit when they see dirty siding or mold and mildew on the house. Is the garden hose rolled up, are there weeds growing in the cracks in your concrete driveway or between your pavers?

Go outside on a sunny day and take a long hard look at the property and identify those areas that might detract from the property’s appeal. Addressing them now, can help you secure a higher offer when the prospective buyers knows that there is nothing that they would need to do. No one wants a “honey-do” list of chores, let alone starting a list before you’ve even moved in. 


Pressure washing the exterior of the property, including the porch, sidewalks, driveway, patio, pool deck can one of the most cost-effective ways to create curb appeal and interest. (see step 2 above)


Now that you have them inside your home, ask yourself how does the view look from the inside out? The windows might not be “that dirty” to you, but you would be surprised how clean windows make the view “pop”. They reflect light better and give a clean feeling to the property. “Clean” can provide some peace of mind that the property has been maintained and that can expect a “clean” bill of health when it comes time for the home inspection. Build peace of mind, with one cost-effective way after another.


Pressure wash the exterior and clean the windows inside and out.

Don’t give the prospective buyer the impression that owning this property is “work”. Hide garden tools, kill weeds and clean the gutters. A property that stands out, is a clean well maintained one.
No one wants to spend their first weekend as new homeowners doing yard work or cleaning up. 


Put a potted plant near the entrance, but don’t crowd the entrance.


Consider a new welcome mat and replace house numbers. Tarnished, peeling or fading house numbers don’t help sell your property regardless of how great the rest of your property looks. 


Preparing the property for sale is enough work without taking on more yourself. Hand off the exterior pressure washing, gutter cleaning and driveway washing to a professional. Do the same for the interior and exterior window washing. A professional can complete these tasks for you in a fraction of the time that it would take you, freeing you up to finish the other items. What other items? Decluttering the interior of your home, removing the cob webs for the corners, wiping fan blades, etc.


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