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We have noticed an interesting trend over the last few months. The amount of HOA violation notices regarding roofs, driveways, sidewalks, vinyl fences and house washing, has increased dramatically. Have you received a notice?


Chances are that at some point you have lived in a community with a Home Owners Association and that you received a notice of violation via mail. HOA’s are sending out more and more notifications, which means that if you have not yet received one, you might in the near future.

Hi, this is Shaun from Power Clean of Central Florida and today I would like to discuss Home Owner Association Violation Notifications.


A few years ago, we received a violation notice via mail. The notice stated that we had installed a white vinyl fence without first receiving approval from the HOA Architectural Committee. To comply we needed either to remove the fence or submit a request to the committee for their approval.


Sure, no problem there, right? Wrong! We did not install a new fence and the existing fence was wooden and not white vinyl. We explained this in writing and included a photo, but they remained unsatisfied and threatened legal action. I kid not! After nearly 2 months of trying to explain the situation, they finally agreed that there must have been an error and that we did not install nor ever had a white vinyl fence.

We chalked it up to an imperfect world and truthfully, we consider ourselves lucky to have only ever received one violation notification over all these years.  


HOA’s, love them or hate them, serve a valuable purpose and, for the most part, work to maintain the property values of the community.


You’re probably asking yourself, “Self, what does this have to do with pressure washing?” The answer is simple. This is perhaps the most common reason for calls and emails into our office. Home Owner Association Violation Notices for vinyl fences, roofs, driveways and sidewalks that are in need of pressure washing.
Here is a copy of an email that we received just this week:
We need the front of the home and driveway with adjacent sidewalk pressure washed to comply with our HOA. It’s our second notice can you come out soon?

Most of the areas that we serve have beautiful tree lined streets and sidewalks. Mix in regular afternoon showers and you have a recipe for rapid and aggressive organic matter growth. Mold, Mildew, etc. They are not only a health risk but also a safety hazard.


Sure, pressure washing can restore the appearance of the sidewalks, driveways and homes, but the organic growth will rear its ugly head in a couple of months thanks to the ripe environment.


So what is the solution? Using the correct cleaning methods and applying the appropriate treatments in inhibit future growth. Quality products, correctly applied are key. Not all products and water additives are equal. Better products cost more and the potential to waste money and cause harm, exists by not applying them correctly.


So, should you receive a notification from your HOA regarding an area that requires pressure washing, attend to it without delay using the appropriate equipment and quality products.


A clean performed correctly might cost more today, but will save you money and headaches in the future.


With kind regards,


Your friend and Orlando pressure washing professional.

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