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"Expect to be surprised" - PRESSURE WASHING SURPRISES 

“Expect to be surprised” is something that we tell all of our customers before we begin the clean. It’s a statement that is usually meant with a sideways look from the homeowner, followed by a “What ya talk’in about Willis?”.


Hello fellow homeowners, this is Shaun from Power Clean of Central Florida and I wanted to discuss a few surprises to expect when it comes to pressure cleaning driveways (in particular).


Let’s dive right into it.


Surprise #1. “I didn’t realize just how dirty it was”. 
That is something we hear on almost every job or customer testimonial. As homeowners we drive on or walk over our driveways on a daily basis and with each use, we unconsciously become more accustomed to how it looks, until over time we forget how it should look.

Months and sometimes years of neglect, grim, algae and even mold, incrementally and surreptitiously take over driveways, pool screens and really any surface that it can get its dirty little hands on. We just never know how dirty something really was until it has been cleaned. 



Surprise #2. “What’s that?”
Tada! No that’s probably not the face of Ringo Star on your driveway and no we did not put it there. Rust stains are common place on driveways as are the occasional oil stain and from time to time we “unearth” them by removing the layers of dirt that hid them from view. Some stains are a relatively easy fix with the right knowhow and products, others however are there to stay. The determining factors of whether or not a stain can be removed is the type of stain, age and surface. If the stain cannot be removed it might be possible to lighten it to make it less noticeable.  We’ll cover the recommended products and procedures in future posts so stay tuned.
The point is, that cleaning may reveal a pre existing stain or other pre existing condition that may not be removed by pressure cleaning alone. 


Surprise #3. Expect to be sore ifyou do it yourself.
Pressure washing your own driveway, sidewalk, house, pool screen, ok you get the point, is exhausting. Regardless of whether or not you’re a Cross fit champ or a weekend warrior, you will feel muscles you did not know you had. Just how tired depends largely on the type of equipment. Did you borrow a pressure washer from your neighbor or rent equipment from your local home improvement store? Commercial grade equipment and accessories can usually be rented and can save you hours of work.
(see our upcoming post on the costs of Pressure Washing DIY)


Surprise #4 Expect to be very satisfied.
Enjoying smell of freshly cut lawn is part of the joys of home ownership. As is curb appeal and the knowledge that you can be proud of how your home looks. Puff out your chest when people walk by and admire the improvement and offer your neighbors “a cold one” when they comment on how great it looks. A clean driveway stands out.


With kind regards,


Your friends and Orlando pressure washing professionals.


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