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Sealing your pavers or retaining walls protects and prolongs your investment:

Pavers and retaining walls are not inherently resistant to the harsh Florida environment and both initial and routine maintenance is required to preserve your outdoor concrete hardscape. Cleaning and sealing your pavers or retaining wall is vital to preserving the original appearance and prolonging the life of your investment in your hardscape.

Pavers are typically made of porous concrete. Mold, algae, dirt, oil, moss, and other plant matter become trapped in these pours causing the overall appearance of your pavers to become dull, discolored, and unappealing. Proper preparation, cleaning, and sealing will ensure that your concrete hardscape patio, pavers, and pool area pavers will be protected from all the elements of nature for years to come.


A clear waterproofing sealer for driveways, sidewalks and patios protects from sun, water and household chemical damage. It resists organic growth, mold and mildew while preventing erosion, color fading and extending life.


Quality Products:
We specialize in water-based wet look sealers and exclusively use top of the line manufacturers to seal pavers, aggregate, concrete, brick, masonry, mortar, flagstone and more.


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  • Sealing is typically a one day process (no down time)

  • Protects with a protective barrier.

  • Environmentally safe.

  • Inhibits weed growth and ant mines.

  • Algae and mold inhibitor.

  • Joint stabilization.

  • VOC compliant.

  • UV protection.


  • Pressure Washing. We will pressure wash the area to be sealed to ensure that the area is clean and free of organic growth and other contaminants.

  • Rinsing. We will then rinse the pavers with water to remove the cleaning agents applied during the pressure washing phase.

  • Application. We will spray a consistent "flood" coat to fill the joints (and harden the sand), followed by "topical" coats o ensure an even application, shine and protection.

  • Maintenance. Periodic washing of the pavers with a mild detergent and garden hose is recommended to keep the area clean once the area has been sealed.  

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